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    Veritas is a panfandom personification site set in present time in New Orleans.

    Whether you've been taken from your world or reborn into this one, there's one thing you have in common with so many others: memories and powers. Not even a change of worlds(and in some cases, bodies) can take those away from you...unless you're unfortunate enough to forget.

    This reality is not home, but it's where you're going to have to make do. Try hard to make the best of it, as there's no telling when the status quo is going to change. Something is behind all this, and all that remains to be seen is what it is.

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    1/17 - new skin and mini-profile is up!

    1/16 - the first plot update of the year is up!

    skin by lauz @ shine. mini profile by laura @ shine. custom forum structure by black @ code. toggle cbox code by kismet. slider code by ring wang @ codrops. pokémon & badge sprites for the awards system © nintendo, GAME FREAK and creatures, inc., and all canon characters and fandoms © to their creators.
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